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Supporting Indigenous Peoples to protect ecosystems, defend rights, and create better laws.

We source our products from eco-friendly creators, with designs by Indigenous artists like Mark Gauti (T'souke Nation), Paul Windsor (Heiltsuk) and Mervin Windsor (Heiltsuk and Haisla).

Shipping is free anywhere in North America. Prices are in Canadian dollars.

Ordering is paused at RAVEN's shop. If you want to order swag for an event, please contact info@raventrust.com.


The Story of RAVEN’s Logo

Created by Mark Gauti, T’Sou-ke Nation  This image was created by Mark Gauti and represents Raven in a Pacific Northwest coast natural setting of cedar trees and a river. The face in Raven’s belly represents the human connection to Raven and also the connection to all things that are natural. Many Pacific Northwest Nations and…
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The Story of “Unity”: From Appropriation to Honouring

Reclaiming Windsor’s “Unity” image is part of Velten’s commitment to restoring and re-storying Indigenous identity and culture through art.  
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Learn more about RAVEN's groundbreaking work for Indigenous justice.

A self-guided, 10 lesson course on Indigenous Justice in Canada.


RAVEN's Home on Native Land is a self-guided course about Indigenous justice in Canada. Through a series of 10 videos, cartoons & lessons, you'll take a walk down the back alley of history — and the frontlines of legal action — with Indigenous luminaries like John Borrows, Terri-Lynn Williams Davidson, and Val Napoleon.